Modern-day Miracles

MiracleSometimes the world needs a reminder that miracles do happen. I don’t mean once a year, once a decade, or once a lifetime—I mean all the time. Let’s face it: too often we get caught up in our own daily problems and forget to reflect back on God’s marvelous grace.

I’ve heard endless stories. A man in a long-term coma reaches consciousness right as my own church pastor lays hands on him in prayer. The baby of a family friend is born with failing organs, destined to die within days, but his body suddenly begins to heal itself with zero medical explanation—just the power of prayer. Doctors place a metal plate in a woman’s skull following her involvement in a major car accident, but the metal plate turns into bone (with X-ray scans to prove it) after my friend touches the woman’s head and prays in Jesus’ name.

These are just the stories I remember off the top of my head from the last couple of years. I’ve also previously mentioned my aunt’s miraculous healing from lupus, as well as the (ongoing) Miracle Factor as it relates to my insomnia. The Lord still works His wonders every single day.

Barren to Blessed

One particular area where God displays miracle after miracle includes the realm of pregnancy and fertility. He has loved to bless parents with rainbow babies from the beginning. The bible is filled with stories of barrenness, desperate prayer, long periods of waiting, and finally, the miracle birth—think Sarah, Rachel, Hannah and Elizabeth, to name a few.

I’ve been privileged to encounter incredible God stories related to pregnancy and fertility from numerous women in my life. The most recent involves my dear friend Jess, who has grieved 12 losses due to miscarriage during the past five years. Despite heartbreak after heartbreak, this woman of faith has continued to trust God, knowing He has split seas and resurrected the dead before—what’s one miracle baby for a devoted mother with a huge heart?

Jess underwent various tests over the years, as well as several fertility treatments. On top of that, she has battled through ovulatory and hormonal challenges, including two separate year-long periods of infertility. When Jess announced another pregnancy a couple of months ago, something about this one felt different. This was her first pregnancy in a year. She was taking zero fertility treatments. She had just faithfully honored God by uprooting her entire life to follow where He was leading her—back home to Arizona after several years in Idaho. God gave Jess, and our entire Prospering the Soul team, an indescribable faith related to this particular baby.

Around week six, the time when many of Jess’ previous miscarriages had occurred, the enemy began to attack her with doubt. I’d be lying if I said doubt never crept into my mind as well. Then, during a time of prayer, God reminded me of Sarah and Abraham’s story. He told me His will would be done no matter how much our faith wavered, just as He remained faithful when Sarah laughed at His miraculous plan for her (Genesis 18:12). The Lord’s grace covers every imperfect woman and the doubts she has about her body, purpose, and adequacy. I shared God’s message with Jess, and just to solidify it further, He prompted another woman on our team to bring up the same scripture during our conference call the following day.

Then came the ultrasound. Jess had never experienced a “good” eight-week ultrasound in the past. Every time, her baby had either already died, or its health did not look promising. We all held our breath and covered her in prayer as she went to the evening ultrasound appointment. As soon as I turned on my phone the next morning, my heart leapt. Photos and videos showed a perfectly healthy baby, and a perfectly relieved mother. Thank you, Jesus. Nothing is too hard for You.

Keep Your Eyes Open

People ask why we no longer see miracles as God performed them in biblical times. I myself am guilty of asking this question. God’s response, I believe, is “open your eyes, my children.” If you haven’t experienced incredible miracles in your own life, start asking around. You may even see them in the news every so often (e.g., the members of a Thai youth soccer team who “described their rescue from a flooded cave as a miracle” []).

God still works as miraculously as He did in Genesis. Keep reflecting back, keep thanking Him, and keep believing He will do it again.

Peace and blessings,

Kat, (semi-professional) insomniac



  1. Sabina Omumani · July 20

    Beautiful, encouraging, motivating and interesting to read on and on. Our God is awesome. He is a miracle working .

    Liked by 1 person

    • kattheinsomniac · July 23

      Thank you so much, Sabina! Our God is a God of miracles!! I’m glad you enjoyed the post ❤


  2. Ann Miesner · July 21

    Amen!! Great report of our miracle working God!! I believe Like you that an outpouring of God’s Spirit is beginning and will be like nothing this world has ever experienced!! We are seeing great moves of God too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. juliedibblewrites · July 24

    Good afternoon, Kat, happy to find you here on WordPress. I echo your belief that miracles happen daily, right beneath our noses. Thankful to God for your friends child. May He bless you today. In Christ, Julie

    Liked by 1 person

    • kattheinsomniac · July 25

      Thank you for the encouraging comment, Julie! I’m glad you found me on WordPress, too. 🙂
      Blessings to you today!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. pvrbs3125 · July 30

    I love hearing about the miracles God works through the hands of ordinary people! Always so encouraging!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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